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My stance on gender

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 5, 2013, 4:38 PM

This topic will be talking about women in general.

If you are easily offended about reading stuff about gender, please quietly hit the back button and not shout "STFU wimmen are sex objects!!!1111!!!!!!"

Yeah, since history, women didn't have so much rights. Look at the time of the Athenians, women didn't have the right to the democracy the Athenians had. Why didn't the Athenians let the women have rights, just like how the Spartans let women do stuff men do? That is why I would rather be Spartan than Athenian, I wouldn't dare to stay home like a dog and clean up the house.

Now look into China. Long time ago, there were female generals, and today, they are in a way the last female generals in armies. Then China made it that women are to be brides, and to be thrown away from the family when they are married.

Speaking of the culture of China, my father's side are Taiwanese. During the time my mother was pregnant, my father's side pressured her to have a baby boy rather than a baby boy, or just have twin boys or a male and female twin. Why? Because again, boys are valued more in China. But when I came out, fortunately, they accepted me as the Granddaughter, with no arguement.

Now when I speak of Japan, women could also be one thing: Ninjas! Not sure about other areas, so I need to talk to my mom. But anyways, on my Mother's side, the Japanese side, is a women dominated family. In our personal society, women are always at power, even when she loses her maiden name. That is why my Grandmother, although she has Alzheimer's, she is still the head of the family. Even if we, women of my Japanese side are superior in some way, we still respect each other no matter what. Here one instance which we still do obey each other:

My mother, when she was at my current age, 17, wanted to go to the USA to be an exchange student. My Grandmother, who was not the head during the time, agreed, but her husband disagreed. However, Grandmother's mother, my Great Grandmother, who is from the maiden family, still ordered my Grandfather to send my mother to the USA, and my Grandfather agrees, without any reluctance. This happened mostly because Great Grandmother is obviously older, but I am pretty sure the women being leaders thing also contributes to the factor.

Because my mother contributed more into teaching about my mother's side, this probably ended up raising me into that attitude to have women power no matter what...In a way.

All right, enough history lecture...

No. I believe that powers must be equal. Women and men can be presidents. Women and men should get equal payments, even in the porn industry (There is a massive unfair difference between wages for the well paid female and male.). And most importantly, a man and a woman should run together on the road; the man wearing no shirt, but running pants, and the woman wearing a bra top and short pants. In other words, women can dress sexy if she wants, like how the man can do the same if he wishes, both without any rape events, duh.

So that massive tl;dr, what does it mean? I am classified as a feminist (A person who rights for gender equality. Get your definitions straight bastards.)
and I not only fight for equality in gender, but equality in races, ages, countries, etc. No I am not a feminist. The word is just confusing. The word should be replaced with the word, "equalist". Equalist should be the correct word. It means someone who supports equality in every fucking single thing. That is me. Wanna be a ballet dancer, I don't give a fuck if you are a male or female, and no difference in wages. Wanna be a BL game/otome game character artist, same, I don't care if you are some perverted male who wants to try something new or a female who loves bishies.

But most of the time...

This isn't what is happening most of the time.

Like I mentioned earlier, the highly paid porn stars, female and male have a MASSIVE difference in wages, and I see it unfair. As a feminist who supports porn (No. I never seen any, but porn is needed for the world anyways.), there should at least be some equality.

All religious texts, whether it is the Bible, the Koran, Hebrew Bible, etc. It shares this one similar line:

Women and men are to be the same.

Why the hell is this not happening? What is up with many Muslim countries? Aren't they reading the Koran properly? The Muslim friends my mother talked to, they never wear the black thingy or headscarfs, and they wear it only when they wish to. Same with their Muslim  husbands. They just wear whatever they like. No I am NOT saying it all Muslims, but those Muslim men who lock their wives away, the Talibans, and the Al Quaeda or whatever the hell they are spelled.

Perhaps, I should ramble more about this matter later. I need to stop my cold. :shrug:


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ancode Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
i highly agree with the word feminist not being acurate. I am also equalist. I mean, I am a guy and If I go for the woman rights too, I am feminist? if you are male looks like this doesnt work the same way in this aspect.

I always find sad, and also a waste, how in all the history and even now, people discarded woman and give them less rights, nor give them chances to study... that makes the world have a male view... and thats bad, because men and women doesnt look the world in the same way, so have a contrast can be very benefitial (sometimes we dont see things that are in front of us, and you find it easier to notice, and the inverse is also applicable).

About the religion things you said there... well its not just that black and white. All of them have things that talk about equality between women and man but they also have lots of parts that mention superiority of men. Also they are very ambiguous and have lots of contraditions, so thats why some take a line in particular and made their own interpretation. But anyway the holy books were writen by men (independently if they were inspired by God or not) and they had the mindset of their time, and it can be seen in the way things are expresed there.
Ayanyami Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Student General Artist
:nod: So true...Very true.
ancode Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013
^^ I could talk about this subject more but I was a bit in a hurry when writing this xO - and I know some of my opinions can make people feel awkward.
Ayanyami Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Student General Artist
No no! Its OK!

My opinions make people go awkward too...Sometimes...^^;
ancode Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
yah xD we tend to want to talk straightforward about topcis that people find... upseting to think about. I mean, the more they think about something they believed all their life, they less likely they will feel confortable because they start noticing that they may be mistaken xP.

hahaha I would like to talk with you in real time again one of this days ^^
Ayanyami Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Speaking of that, I realized we really haven't talked to each other for a long time. We really should talk more you know. :)
ancode Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013
I totally go for that! ^^
kageshoujo Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I understand your views and wholly support you. However I grew up in no such environment and I consider genders here treated more equally than most asian countries. and for that, I feel no need to be feminist. In fact men can be the underdogs here, more is always expected of them and they have heavy burdens to bear, and many men suffer abuse from domineering women. Which is not good, in my opinion. I'm happy the traditions in Japan place much power on the women but that isn't something I see we should strive for, and instead we must strive for, as you say, equality. Doing things hand-in-hand, and complementing for what the other lacks in.
Ayanyami Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Student General Artist
True. Many, many husbands are actually beaten or even killed by their own wives. They go underreported because of the stereotype thing. *sigh*

Yes, the world needs to face one big thing; equality.
kageshoujo Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
There's a strong stereotype against men too, but the problem is they are very silent about it. When a woman is abused, a lot of feminist groups rally and protest and demand to be heard. When a man is abused--it's silence. They hide in the dark since there's a strong stereotype that abused men MUST be doing something wrong so it's their fault, or that men can't be abused. Also it's a big humiliation for them.

It's one reason why I don't support feminist movements and ideas all too much--the louder one side tries to be heard, the harder the one falls into silence and into a stereotype. Most (not all) movements are always fighting for a case where a man abuses a woman, and while it's good to fight for rights, it also paints some portrait that men are evil in general and always want sex, etc. So it's saying like saying that men can't be raped, when they have sex they always want it, etc etc. Heck, there are a lot of marriages here that happen since a rich capable guy was drunk raped or sleep raped by a woman. It's a common thing women in poverty do, sadly. They are a very determined bunch.

I also understand some points that the other sex has about gender equality--why do women want to be "equal" when they have so many privileges? In a country like ours, there are traditions that are observed--which include chivalry and placing high value on women--and laws, which include women getting a higher salary than men if you place them on the night shift or make them work dangerous "male work", if you ever fire a woman from work because she is pregnant you can and will get sued, and a ton of laws. Media also highly favors women when it comes to legal cases. Whenever a woman cries rape against a man, he always pays for it, even if the truth is otherwise. There is always some sort of controversy in our country over some woman crying rape against a foreigner (usually a tourist) when the truth is that she is a paid sex worker. The local court favored the woman even when there was a ton of evidence against the woman, which included a lot of witnesses and a video of them in some bar being suggestive and sexual with each other. It's a common ploy here to get more money, since courts almost always rule in favor of the women. But if you try to raise a complaint of a woman raping a man, blackmailing him for sex? That's tough.

I think women have all the rights going for them in this part of the world, and it's the men who have nothing going for them. I can work and exert a fraction of the effort men are making and still earn more or the same as men. I worked the nightshift with my male buddies and they always do heavy manly labor, never let me do it out of chivalry, and i still earn extra from them since I'm female. We're at a good page in women's rights. I wish other asian countries that are more traditional can catch up, and men's rights to catch up too.

...Sorry that was long.
Ayanyami Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Student General Artist
I agree. I think we have enough rights (Except in some countries like Saudi Arabia. ._. )

And wow, that story you mentioned, that is just rather messed up. The world is just damn messed up.

You had a right to have a long comment! Its OK! It wasn't a waste of time! :)
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